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Kinder Prep Private Preschool - Teaching 3 ~ 6 year olds to read since 2005


Registration forms, Immunization records, and fees are due a minimum of two business days prior to a child's start date.  New registration forms are filled out annually for all children.  Immunization records must be updated when new immunizations are given.  During the year, it is the parents' responsibility to make sure the records are up to date. 
Admission Priority:

Returning students, siblings of current or prior students, referrals, and date placed on the waiting list will be given priority accordingly.  In order to be placed on the list, a child must be at least three years old .  To attend, a child must be completely potty trained, (see Readiness section).

Tuition and fees:

Upon being accepted into Kinder Prep, you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit equal to one month of tuition which will be applied to the final month of the school year.  Please note, this Deposit is applied to your child's account in the form of tuition.  NO cash refunds are given.  Thereafter, tuition will be due on the 1st of each month from start date through withdrawl notice month. Payments received after the 5th of any month will be charged a $35 late payment fee.  

Absences due to vacation, illness, holidays, BSD days, inclement weather days, etc. do not reduce monthly tuition charges.  All charges have been calculated on an annual basis, taking holidays and other closure days into consideration, and divided into equal monthly payments.

A minimum of one month notice prior to withdrawal from Kinder Prep must be given, or at least one month of tuition will be charged.  

For late pick up fees, please see Attendance,  Arrival and Departure.

Attendance, Arrival, and Departure:

Daily drop off can be a stressful time for parents, and children.  As difficult as it is, it is important to leave your child by always saying goodbye and leaving decisively.  Children who cry when their parents leave almost always settle down quickly, and begin to enjoy their day.   
It is more stressful for both the parent and the child if this is drawn out.  Please discuss with your teacher if you need help in this area.  

The AM session begins at 9:00. If you do not have a before school care contract,  Please arrive no earlier than 8:55, and no later than 9:05 for class. Pick up late fees will begin to be calculated at 12:00 at the rate of $3.00 per minute late.

If your child is going to be absent, please call, text, or email and notify the school by the time your class is scheduled to begin.  

Preschool Readiness:

For consideration to be admitted to Kinder Prep, your child must have the following readiness milestones:

*Must be at least 3 years old by the enrollment date  he/she is enrolling for.

*Is completely potty trained. 
             *is aware of the sensations, and knows when      they need to use the toilet.
             *taking the initiative to go into the bathroom and use the toilet.
             *letting the teacher know when they need to go.
             *wearing underwear and staying accident free for at least one month.
             *having the necessary skills to clean themselves after using the toilet.

*Attention span of approximately 15 minutes 
*Listening skills developed sufficiently to understand and follow simple directions.
*Language skills readily used to express needs, wants, frustrations, etc.
*Readiness exhibited for associative play.


If a child becomes ill at school, the parents will be called and asked to pick up the child immediately. 

Symptoms for exclusion - According to CCD and Washington County Health Division are as follows: 
A child may not be in the facility with one or more of the following symptoms:

*fever greater than 100
*severe cough
*unusual yellow color skin or eyes
*skin or eye lesions or rashes that are severe, weeping, or puss filled
*stiff neck or headache with any of the above symptoms
*difficult breathing or abnormal wheezing
*complaints of severe pain
*excessively runny nose

Further, 24 hours time must elapse after a new round of antibiotics or other medication has begun, and/or the child is symptom free.

If your child is not able to participate in daily activities for health reasons, it is best for them to be at home until they are fully recovered and are able to be involved with the group and classroom routines. 
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